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December 1, 2017
Well that went according to plan

Hi everyone, do let me know your suggestions and questions, I do read every comment. I will try and get round to everyone and take in an account to all of your suggestions. 


I tried uploading an image of a certain stingray. It wouldn't do it so for the next week I'll be finding out why it's not letting me upload the images. So that you guys also know the majority of the pictures taken were taken by me, if they have been taken by someone else I will credit the work appropriately, so if you guys wanna get involved you can email me at btec96@gmail.com and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. 


Now to give you guys some entertainment, recently I adopted an amur leopard via wwf. The name for my leopard hasn't arrived yet so me and my brother were arguing about the name for the leopard, now bare in mind my brothers name starts with a D. My step mum butted in and said "why don't you call it little D" and I looked at her like are you insane woman. She then went to explain herself "you can call it little D and call him big D" now I think you guys know where I'm going with this but I can tell you all, I don't really wanna know if my brother has a big D and I don't wanna know if my leopard has a little D.


Again thank you all for the support and love you guys have shown me and I will be posting every Friday. Everyday posts were getting on top of me so I will gradually go from 1 post a week to maybe 3 posts a week depending. Thank you for reading and peace out. 

December 8, 2017
Using social media accounts.

So you guys over the past several months have been asking about the same thing, "can I follow you on Facebook, twitter and Instagram?"  or something like that and I'm gonna tell you right now, yes you can I haven't got every account set up yet, you can find me on Facebook as Leah Cousland, add me as a friend, hit me up I will get back to you in a space of 24 hours. Depending on how many of you message me, I welcome all forms of feedback, I must warn you though depending on the Roast you guys give me if it's funny I'll congratulate you if not well your "comment" might not get a reply. You can also follow my snapchat which is imyopimp96 I don't usually do well with usernames so this all might be funny lol that's all I have right now, I will update within the week about the rest of my social media like linked in, twitter, Instagram etc. Can't wait to hear from you guys.


Now I'm gonna quote some stuff out of my personal diary and see if you guys can relate to how I feel, hell if you wanna give your own advice that's cool too, I'm open and I really love listening to you. For the past week I've been missing some people, let's start with my late uncle, I wanna be real about this, my feelings are still raw and I am sensitive to this in particular and he was a giggly man and he was fun to be around, all in all he had a big heart and he loved his family over anything would do anything for them, when he left he left a gaping hole in all our hearts and I do feel for his immediate family, they miss him the most. He was the greatest man well a step down from my father ofcourse. To me my dad should be the king lol he makes so much sense. I do miss him we was my uncle and he was a great uncle. Now he's on a different plane in the spirit world he's making previous generations laugh with his infectious smile.


Now going on to number 2, my ex best friend, she was my whole world in university, I doted on her, loved her, would do anything for her, if she needed me I would make the time. She was like one of my sisters. I really want to know how she's doing, but I was told that it wasn't time for us to reunite. Not yet, she needs time and I understand that, I'm not angry anymore I'm just understanding. She needed more of me all the time and for me to always be on her side, instead of meddling into her business maybe I should have held her more, tell her that she was loved and that was deeply cared for, my number 1 regret was not letting her see the real me, the little girl I buried years ago and swore to never let anyone in that deep just in case they walk away and hurt me. No matter who it was. That's where my demons lay, and that's where I buried them to die. I should let somebody in to that world just so they know exactly who I am I just don't know who.


Number 3, now this one is difficult and the pair of us are in limbo, he is a boy in a man's body, I love him, and in the last couple of weeks I keep telling him I love him but he won't say it back, he worries me, he saddens me and he kills me, everything inside. I just want him to know, I don't want to keep giving and him taking I need a little bit too. I need his everything and I understand if he can't give me everything right now but maybe in the future he can so he can either just let me in or let me go, I am well aware of his feelings and his potential. I just wish he would use what everyone has been telling him he has, and that's hope and enlightenment that everything will be alright and he will get to where he wants to be if he puts his mind into it.


Please let me know in your comments what you think, and I will take into consideration your thoughts on this. Thank you for reading this really thank you. 

Now I've had quite a few comments in the last couple of days and I wanna shout out to all the people who did comment with questions, now I am well aware of all the advertisements in my comment section, and I hate it, especially when it's repeated several times, if it continues I might have to put up a permission block, that's where I have to go into my emails, and accept or reject comments and I mean every single comment. That will put me under immense pressure and stress. I want to keep the comments open and I want me to be stress free so let's try and cut back on the advertisements please. I also want to let you guys know you can comment on every single post I have posted, including my statuses so if you have comments for a specific post can you comment on it so I know exactly what you guys wanna know. Anyways going back to comments, Bitconnect:- bro give me your email, I will certainly hit you up, I will get in contact with my IT team and get your blog linked up definitely. NBA live mobile:- You can share my website wherever you wanna share it, I don't mind at all, that goes for anyone else who wants to share my website thank you. Bookie raider x:- I am using storytlr you have to pay for it's services but they act as your advertising place as well so people can find you easier. I would like to give everyone who follows me on my website a shout out too, without you guys and your support I would be nothing. Thank you.
December 15, 2017
The way my week ended up.

Monday, I was babysitting my sister for the day whilst my mum was at work. She didn't listen to me and I told her to go to her room. She didn't listen to that either so I pushed her out and I locked the kitchen door so the only choice she had was her bedroom. 


Tuesday, again my sister was meant to go to school, but my mum got a text saying the school was closed, my mum found her on the way to work and told her to go home, she bought a friend with her and she bought him into my room whilst I was still sleeping so I rang my mum and she sorted it out.


Wednesday, finally she went to school! Peace and quietttt. Until she got into the house of course, her attitude stinks towards my mum and step dad. Yet all she gets is shouted at, nothing happens back when I was her age I would have got a massive beating.


Thursday, she came home from school with a cold, now I've stuck everything up, holy water, jesus cross she needs to stay away from me and my low immune system.


Friday, she's still at school but no doubt a drama will happen tonight regardless whether I want it to or not. 


Peace out ✌️ 

I've gone through the comments no new questions have been posted so it looks like I'm free to just ramble, um there's not much to say this week, other than I've had to plan in advance what to write because I'm running out of spontaneity. But I'm not gonna let people down I'm gonna write and continue to write for as long as I can. It's weird having followers, I've gone from nobody to someone that writes and other people read it. I'm just so glad that you guys read my stuff, I really am.
December 22, 2017
I'm so tired I don't even know right now

Today was exhausting completely and absolutely exhausting. It was my sisters birthday today (my birthday is tomorrow) hint hint :* so maybe I'll just write a poem, on the spot, of how I'm feeling towards my sister.


Today was your circus 

And I didn't enjoy the ride 

It leaves me rubbing my temple 

It leaves me unsatisfied 


For the world is your oyster

And all you think is stars

You'll end up in a dumpster 

If you don't open your eyes 


Mum won't always hand out money. 

You won't always smile. 

You'll find it hard in future 

To rise yourself high


Life is a game 

You need to learn to play it 

Because soon it won't be free 

Soon you'll wish you could freeze


Time is against you 

Use your time wisely 

Because it won't be just your hairdo

Which is fraternised

So listen little sister of mine 

Learn to live, try and forgive, let your anger go, don't let life consume you. 

December 29, 2017
Here I go again on my own

Anyone like the song, really lifts my spirits, I shoulda continued writing, I had a good fan base going, I fluffed it up by letting my emotions and needs get in the way, just so everybody knows, I'm well aware of my actions and I'm now living the consequences, hopefully soon I can fix my mistake. 


So here I go again on my own

Going down the only road I've ever known

I'm a twister I was born to walk alone 

So I've made up my mind

I ain't wasting no more time 

Here I go again.


I just find it easier for me if I have a set date where I upload, yes it's once a weak which I'm well aware that it sucks. But I used to upload everyday and eventually it did get on top of me maybe I'll up to maybe 2/3 times a week, but for now what's best for me and you guys if I stick to one day and be consistent rather than fleeting and spur of the moment. 

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