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July 23, 2017
Everyone has problems

You have no idea the suffering I just went through, the server had thought I had hacked my own account so i was black listed, I had to get a hold of the owners and ask them what the hell? they were like it's automated but we can fix it, so yeah hello I'm home!


Adressing server issues, yes I have them, I have made the owners aware that I need to talk about them. At the moment I have no answers for anyone haha but I am working on it, all I can do is pesture them and tell them get it sorted hehe.


I know I can improve the site with pictures and videos, and I do have a camera, my problem is I do have a day job. Half my stuff is packed away and I simply don't have the time. Although I do have plans to updating this issue. When I get back to University I will be blogging about days out and stuff. Mainly me just messing around and having a laugh you know. I will be accompanying this with pictures so you guys can see inside my world. It's not that interesting to be honest.


I have missed this place well I'm back and the server owners have assured me that this shouldn't happen again. If it does I'm raising hell. not going to lie haha.



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