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December 22, 2017
I'm so tired I don't even know right now

Today was exhausting completely and absolutely exhausting. It was my sisters birthday today (my birthday is tomorrow) hint hint :* so maybe I'll just write a poem, on the spot, of how I'm feeling towards my sister.


Today was your circus 

And I didn't enjoy the ride 

It leaves me rubbing my temple 

It leaves me unsatisfied 


For the world is your oyster

And all you think is stars

You'll end up in a dumpster 

If you don't open your eyes 


Mum won't always hand out money. 

You won't always smile. 

You'll find it hard in future 

To rise yourself high


Life is a game 

You need to learn to play it 

Because soon it won't be free 

Soon you'll wish you could freeze


Time is against you 

Use your time wisely 

Because it won't be just your hairdo

Which is fraternised

So listen little sister of mine 

Learn to live, try and forgive, let your anger go, don't let life consume you. 

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