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December 8, 2017
Now I've had quite a few comments in the last couple of days and I wanna shout out to all the people who did comment with questions, now I am well aware of all the advertisements in my comment section, and I hate it, especially when it's repeated several times, if it continues I might have to put up a permission block, that's where I have to go into my emails, and accept or reject comments and I mean every single comment. That will put me under immense pressure and stress. I want to keep the comments open and I want me to be stress free so let's try and cut back on the advertisements please. I also want to let you guys know you can comment on every single post I have posted, including my statuses so if you have comments for a specific post can you comment on it so I know exactly what you guys wanna know. Anyways going back to comments, Bitconnect:- bro give me your email, I will certainly hit you up, I will get in contact with my IT team and get your blog linked up definitely. NBA live mobile:- You can share my website wherever you wanna share it, I don't mind at all, that goes for anyone else who wants to share my website thank you. Bookie raider x:- I am using storytlr you have to pay for it's services but they act as your advertising place as well so people can find you easier. I would like to give everyone who follows me on my website a shout out too, without you guys and your support I would be nothing. Thank you.
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