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December 15, 2017
The way my week ended up.

Monday, I was babysitting my sister for the day whilst my mum was at work. She didn't listen to me and I told her to go to her room. She didn't listen to that either so I pushed her out and I locked the kitchen door so the only choice she had was her bedroom. 


Tuesday, again my sister was meant to go to school, but my mum got a text saying the school was closed, my mum found her on the way to work and told her to go home, she bought a friend with her and she bought him into my room whilst I was still sleeping so I rang my mum and she sorted it out.


Wednesday, finally she went to school! Peace and quietttt. Until she got into the house of course, her attitude stinks towards my mum and step dad. Yet all she gets is shouted at, nothing happens back when I was her age I would have got a massive beating.


Thursday, she came home from school with a cold, now I've stuck everything up, holy water, jesus cross she needs to stay away from me and my low immune system.


Friday, she's still at school but no doubt a drama will happen tonight regardless whether I want it to or not. 


Peace out ✌️ 

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