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July 21, 2017
Thoughts of the day I live in a seaside resort, I wonder if seagulls taste just as good as chicken? I wonder how many seagulls it would take to make a budgie sandwich? If I had to list all the things I have to do number one would be to go back to bed. What I really want to know, you know when the tide goes out where the fuck does all that water go? I mean when you pull the plug after going in the bath I know where the water goes, but is there some imaginative being that pulls plugs twice a day for the sea. Is it really normal to admire cars covered in bird crap, it's like the winter wonderland in the middle of summer. How many druggies does it take to change the light bulb? 3, one to think about it, one to hold the bulb and the other says, it doesn't matter dude we'll sit in the dark and look at all the pretty colours. Rant over.
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