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July 19, 2017
Uh well I didn't think but here we go

Well I just found a lot of comments and being truthful I didn't read them all because there's so many but I'm gonna try and give a response to some of them. 


Number one thing I really want to say that all my statuses and blogs are meant to be funny assuming that everyone that reads these have a dark humour I'm not trying to put useful information out there. 



Second yes this is a paid platform and I have no idea where these forms are so sorry to be disappointing for you. 


Thanks for all the genuine and nice comments, I do appreciate the sarcastic ones too it makes me laugh. To all the people out there with sass keep going I love it!!! 


Anyways usually when I come out with dark stuff it's generally where I'm so depressed that I've stopped caring. It's bad. I'm not saying that anything that I do blog is not stupid or "gross". It can be. I'm sorry if you find it offensive. 


Man if I get a genuine fan base I'll probably blog more. Keep the questions coming though I love answering questions makes my life seem more meaningful. 

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