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November 25, 2017
Well I've been overwhelmed with comments and I'm ashamed to say I wish I was here to read all of these beautiful and very encouraging words that you guys have left me. I have been having a very difficult year and I'm not gonna lie. It's been terrible for me and this was the idea of the blog that whatever thought I was thinking and feeling I can just get it out here, so I wouldn't hold it in. This blog shows off my best and worst moments and really all I have to thank is you guys, now one of the suggestions a lot of you have given me is more colour more images on my blog and I absolutely adore animals. So I'm gonna start posting different animals, I will admit I might put an interesting fact with it or a useless one it'll be fun for you guys to figure it out lol. Again all I can do is apologise to all of you that now I have decided to repost. I just needed a break I really didn't expect so many people to love what I do. I didn't know that it would get this crazy but you guys is what keeps me going. I love you all old subscribers and new ones. I have bought up a lot of issues with my website my major one is the comment section, sometimes you'll get people advertising there own websites or products and I don't like it or appreciate it but the other option would to be put an approval on all comments now since I get at least 50 a day I can't do that. So there's not much more I can do about that. As for compatability with different phones I've always had that problem, and as far as fixing it you guys are gonna have to let me know what phones are having problems and then I can see if it's a make problem or a server problem. We might be able to change the format. Anyway thank you for everyone's understanding.
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