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July 20, 2017
Wow so many people are actually commenting.

Well I can see that people have questions so I'm going to do my best to answer them. 


1. I don't have a professional twitter account, or any social media accounts, that can change if you want it too. 


2. Wow I don't really know how I'm writing entertaining pieces, a lot of the time I'm always thinking about how can I make me laugh? And this blog was really just to show what I think about and how random I am. I felt like I needed to put my creativity put there because I was generally losing my mind because I didn't have an outlet and this is it for me. 


3. The only real tip I can give to anyone that's starting to blog is just to be yourself because one day you will write something that'll g let you noticed. 


4. The reason why I haven't got many posts is because I didn't expect so many people to look at my blog, I really didn't expect it. I'm actually greatful that people do comment and enjoy what I write, it makes me feel happy so I wanna make you guys happy, I will blog more if that's what you guys want. 


5. I'm up for suggestions. On what content you guys want me to write on. As I'm doing this from scratch I have no idea I really don't. I've never had an audience before so I used to use blogger as my diary lol. 


Thanks for reading I will be checking comments everyday, so you guys know I'm not ignoring anyone. Thank you, no really thank all of you. 

Comment by Leah on 20 Jul 17 at 12:19 BST
There's already grammar errors in there.